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My Communication Works is a professional speaking firm that gathers and shares cutting edge research on the art and science of positive attitudes. We help people to be more productive, better communicators, improve their relationships, and have more fun.

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Enjoy The Hell Out Of Your Life

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Enjoy the Hell Out Of Your Life CDEnjoy the Hell Out Of Your Life CDEnjoy the Hell Out Of Your Life CDEnjoy the Hell Out Of Your Life CD
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"Enjoy The Hell Out Of Your Life"  

By Ramone Yaciuk 

Inspired by his grandfather's approach to life, Ramone Yaciuk has identified key principles that anyone can use to         "Enjoy The Hell Our Of Their Life". With entertaining stories    and amusing illustrations, Enjoy the Hell Out of Your                    Life will delight and and educate you with simple                    suggestions for improving your attitude that can have          a positive effect on every aspect of your life. 


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Ramone Yaciuk is a professional coach that helps people reach their personal and professional goals. He offers a powerful coaching process to jump start the  Achievement of your Dreams. 

Coaching clients report many benefits including:

  • Clarify your career direction. 
  • Become stronger and healthier.

  • Develop a plan for financial success. 

  • Improve the quality of your relationships.

  • Establish a sense of inner peace and tranquility.                             

Ramone Yaciuk,
Certified Professional Coach

"Even though I've been exposed to some of this material before, this is the first time it really made sense. Thanks for your clarity." 

- Barbara Wells, Choose your Attitude Attendee