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Manage your attitudes and relationships. 

Coaching is offered as a one on one opportunity or in small groups. Coaching can be done anywhere, even a tropical island, all you need is a phone. Depending on the project and nature sometimes we may meet in the Boulder Colorado area yet the majority of sessions are done on the phone. As we work together we explore how all areas of your life are working or are not working. Together we can illuminate a clear vision for you. Benefits of being coached by Ramone include enhancing attitude, improving relationships, clarifying direction, increasing productivity and implementing business strategies. Depending on what your interests are, personality and behavior assessments may be used.


These are some ideas of typical goals. When working with Ramone your goals and increasing your life satisfaction will guide the process.

Ramone is a Certified Professional Coach. Along with years of experience in coaching Ramone adds his intense study of intimacy, attitude, motivation and change. For twenty years Ramone has guided people through Rolfing, a powerful process of change. He has received graduate training in the Human Validation Process Model that was developed by noted family therapist Virginia Satir. Along with his many years as a trainer and manager he has worked as a mental health assistant and personal coach. The focus of this work is first to help people clarify their current situation. The next process is to develop a clear vision. Next we add awareness and skills while setting goals and achieving the next steps in your life. Start today and create more ideal attitudes that contribute to your creation of a healthy balanced life with great relationships.

"I appreciate that Ramone can get through all the layers of a problem, to what is really going on very quickly." 
- Laurel Jackson, Coaching Client


The initial coaching series is usually four sessions offered as a package.

After these four session you can access how to use Ramone's support to best achieve your dreams.

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