Enjoy The Hell Out Of Your Life Book

Enjoy The Hell Out Of Your Life

Enjoy the Hell Out Of Your Life
How to Minimize Your Hell and Maximize Your Joy!

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DO you want to become more resourceful in approaching your life? Enjoying the Hell Out of Your LIfe will help you make better choices and express yourself more powerfully. The insights found within this book will help you become more integrated and focused. Inspired by his grandfather's approach to life, Ramone Yaciuk has identified key principles that anyone can use to "Enjoy The Hell Our Of Their Life". With entertaining stories and amusing illustrations, Enjoy the Hell Out of Your Life will delight and and educate you with simple suggestions for improving your attitude that can have a positive effect on every aspect of your life. Enjoy.

"Enjoy the Hell Out of Your Life" is the kind of book I keep around for the days when I can't remember how to be happy. I can open it anywhere and find a story, a quote or a mini-exorism to take care of whatever illusion is blocking me from experiencing the sweetness of life right here and right now. Ramone Yaciuk has lived it, worked through it and put it in print so we can all benefit from his humor and aliveness. I keep two copies: one for me and one for friends to borrow.

Stacy Clark, M.A.
Author of The Complete Idiots Guide
to being a Sex Goddess