Creating High Performance Teams

Race, gender and other obvious diversity differences are nothing compared to diverse work styles. If you want people to respect one another, start by understanding and appreciating the strengths people bring to the team. Next help team members to navigate their differences, get on the same page and enjoy the process.

High Performance Teams
Align your team to maximize effectiveness.
You hire for skills and get personalities in the process. Then, you expect everyone to be a top performer, even though they are all so different from one another. We show how to improve team performance without changing people. It starts with developing a shared vision, followed by understanding and showing respect for different work styles, and then learning how to influence people who think and work differently from one another. All this is done in a container of appreciation. We use the DISC assesssment from the American Management Association for identifying your own work style and we then look for ways to integrate your style with others on the team.

High Performance Teams

You need the team on your side!
Your plan is complete. You promised it on time, on budget, with all the essential functions and features.  Too bad you can't just do it by yourself and control the results.  You are dependent on the team, they will do the work.  What can you do to get them on board, committed to success? 

This two-day interactive workshop gives you an essential set of tools and techniques.
This highly interactive workshop is task oriented - no group hugs, no trust walks, no songs, just focused work, but it's lots of fun because you see things in a new light.

Learn how to develop commitment to a shared team vision.
Team commitment requires understanding and agreement, along with personal interest.  You need to get people on the same page, focused on the same results.

See how to deal with conflict, diversity, and difficult people.
If we could just get rid of the people problem, all would be well.  Guess what, without people you don't have a team and nothing will get done.  Everyone is different and you must adapt to the situation if you want to get people on board.

Taught by experience instructors who specialize in team training.
This is not about psychology or counseling.  It is not about fixing people.  It is about getting work done.  The instructors never lose focus on what you will do with what you are learning when you go back to work the next day.

In Class Workshops and Group Exercises
Are they a team, or just group of people?
Are they with you or against you?  What if they don't even like each other?

Learn methods that immediately help you to:

  • Establish personal and team accountability.
  • Develop a shared vision and a commitment to achieving it.
  • Deal with a diverse workforce where we don't all see things the same way.
  • Leverage strengths, minimize weaknesses by looking at what each person brings to the team.
  • Know when to celebrate and how to do it without spending a lot of money.
  • Deal with emotions and conflict within the team.
  • Quickly recognize what to do and what not to do when working with each individual.

Every company wants high performance teams that get work done quickly, and correctly. An early investment in the people doing the work will vastly improve your odds for success. We give your teams the tools and knowledge to develop a strong level of shared commitment with each other. Next, we map the work styles of individual team members and learn how to be more effective when working with each person.  Finally, we focus on the biggest obstacles that stand in the way of team success. Call to get your team on track for High Performance Now. 303-499-7644 Ask for Ramone

"These concepts were new to me, and yet I have to wonder how I could have been blind for so long to such simple ways of gaining synergy."

Paul Farnsworth
Director, Applications Development
Guaranty National Insurance


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